I was seeking financial advice for purchasing a property and reviewing my general assets. This included my current policies and what was available on the general market. Geraldine gave me advice on the available mortgages which were right for me and my circumstances after reviewing my assets and domestic situation. She ensured I was informed and understood the different mortgages, their advantages and benefits. She also reviewed my insurances, informing me on additional options, ensuring my mortgage and life policies were competitive and more importantly produce what is expected. Yes, Geraldine has continued to monitor my general financial affairs for the past two and a half years, having arranged a new mortgage deal at the two year point and reviewing / updating any life insurances. I am very satisfied with Geraldine’s advice and service. She talks you through the detail, offers options, weighing up advantages and disadvantages and tying it up with what is realistic to achieve.Understanding constructive criticism is useful, I can’t think of any point or time where I was dissatisfied or where I think Geraldine can improve. If anything, it was evident that Geraldine is obviously very passionate about ensuring her customer is confidant and satisfied in what she provides. She is very patient, listens to the customer’s needs and provides assurance and trust. I would recommend her any day!