Coronavirus = Business as Usual

COVID = BUSINESS AS USUALThe Coronavirus is impacting each and every one of us in some way shape or form. There hasn’t been anything like this in our lifetime and so learning to cope in these uncertain times can be very difficult. Here at Bubble Finance we have been looking at ways which we can help our clients and site visitors. We are here for you, so should you need any guidance, during these uncertain times, please get in touch.

We also recommend that you seek out advice from the official government website by following this link:

This blog is going to cover what measures we have put in place to continue trading during the lockdown. Also, what the impact COViD is having on our day to day roles as mortgage & protection advisers.

Ordinarily, we work out of our busy office in Atherstone and this is where we spend most of our time. The rest of the time is normally spent going out to meet clients or attend conferences, business seminars, roadshows and the like. Since the lockdown, all of the advisers in our team have been working from home. Whether that be on a desktop PC or a laptop, we are all set up as normal, but just from home. We are talking to clients over the telephone or by video call, whichever is their preference. It’s business as usual, but just in a different location.  All of us have children and so we are juggling.

We are still liaising with lenders, providers and solicitors

We are still liaising with lenders, providers and solicitors to get regular updates for our clients, just as we normally would. Although it’s not always easy getting through on the normal helpline numbers, we also use live chat, email, message facilities and email. We are also utilising our field-based contacts which are proving to be invaluable during these times, where call centres are closed and many staff have either been furloughed or are working from home.

Some mortgages have been withdrawn due to the social distancing rules. Largely due to the fact surveyors cannot get in to value properties. Lenders are able to obtain desktop valuations in many cases, but not all and that has had an impact on availability. With these applications, we are keeping a close eye on lender updates so that we can submit them as soon as we are able to.  Lenders are being very proactive and are looking at ways to obtain more desktop valuations on more applications to enable us to submit more business to them.

Insurance contracts are changing as providers are keeping a close eye on the impact of coronavirus, in terms of claims. We are using a tool which provides us with daily updates to keep us as up to date as possible with all of the different providers and any notable amendments to their contracts.

The main thing for us as a business at the moment, is that we are here to support our clients and those that need us. It’s business as usual, albeit a little different to how we usually do business, but business as usual all the same.

If you need us please Contact Us, stay safe & well and look out for our new BLOGS coming soon!!

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